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Dallas Daws is the founder and designer behind Dallas Daws Designs. With a degree in creative apparel design from Iowa State University, Dallas is well-trained in the art of creating high-quality, detail-oriented apparel. Over the years, she developed a more refined taste in design, which translated into the development of this line. The key was to keep a minimal approach in mind. While each piece was designed as something she desired to have in her own wardrobe, her hope is that others will favor these pieces for seasons to come.

With what began as a creative outlet, Dallas set out to experiment with pared-down designs and silhouettes, drawn to the timelessness and ease of the aesthetic. She wanted clothing that would serve multiple purposes. Something you could throw on to run errands, but still look put together enough to wear it to work. Some pieces were designed for the woman that works with her hands—artists, gardeners, craftswomen. She wanted the clothing to be functional, sturdy, yet stylish enough to wear to cocktail hour or out and about.

Dallas began fostering her creativity at a young age, guided by parents who wanted her to follow her passions, and a father that has tried just about every creative medium. In addition to designing and constructing clothing, she enjoys writing, building furniture and styling interior spaces. Interested in endless ideas and crafts, Dallas honed in on her core beliefs—versatility and quality will outlast trends and consumerism. A continual work in progress, Dallas Daws Designs is the brainchild of that belief, and what it grows into in the future will be shaped by you.