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New Years Reflections

by Dallas Daws |  | 1 comment

As 2017 begins, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I would like to move this business forward, and what I would like dallas daws designs to be centered around. First and foremost, I started designing to break away from the fast fashion that is so prevalent in our society today. It’s been a long road to figure out how to best do that. To introduce new designs without overwhelming our customers and urging you to constantly purchase—going against my very core ideals.

I started out producing four collections per year. Eventually, I began seeing some favorites emerge, and wanting to keep those and reinforce the idea that they were meant to last, I began a line of signature pieces. These have been ever-evolving, and I hope to go back to our signatures and improve and re-release them—this year, ideally. After struggling with the fast-paced nature of four yearly collections, and taking a small break, we recently reduced to two seasonal collections.

This move has helped me see how I would like to better focus this brand. My goal is to create pieces that can be worn year-round, as well as signature items that can be worn in warm weather and cold weather. In the Midwest, the weather changes vastly, often daily—sometimes within the same day. Versatility and wearability have been my main focus, so I try to make items that can be easily layered and can be paired with a range of items to achieve different looks.

Moving forward, we will continue to release two seasonal collections per year, with a heavy focus on signature items. Some signature items will be offered in different fabrics, depending on the season. New designs will also be included, as I enjoy creating and putting out new designs, and I know people will be looking for that as well. Most of these pieces will be around for one season, but we may add a couple favorites to our signature collection, when we feel there is a demand for them.

What I would like to stray from, by focusing on the signature items, is the feeling that you need to purchase quickly, lest you miss out on a seasonal item. While the seasonal items will offer the uniqueness that comes with buying an item in which only a few were made, it also offers less longevity than purchasing a piece that was designed to be relevant for years to come. As I’ve stated before, the goal of dallas daws designs was to create pieces that will become staples in your closet. We would like to urge our customers to make mindful purchases, and choose quality over quantity. This may not necessarily be the path that will produce quick growth and profit for this business, but I believe it will forge a path of deliberate, mindful success. It will allow us to continually evaluate what works, and what doesn’t, and improve as we continue to move forward. 

Another decision that I have come to recently is the choice not to offer our products wholesale to boutiques. While I have enjoyed working with boutiques in the past, I have found it lacks the connection to our customers that I enjoy when we sell direct. The packaging, the notes, everything that goes into each individual order from our website, is all part of the experience. It’s why I started dallas daws designs. I find it’s harder to focus on the individual orders when I am consumed with larger boutique orders. And I enjoy thinking about the ways each individual will wear these pieces as I make them to order—the life they will live.

A part of this same decision is to participate in more markets. As we will not gain exposure through boutique sales, I feel it is important to connect with people who may be interested in what we have to offer through selling at markets and fairs. Through participating in our only fair in Des Moines, Iowa over a year ago, I made wonderful connections and met people I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s something I’m very much looking forward to this year. If you know of any great shows in the Minneapolis area or surrounding areas, feel free to contact me! 

As always, our journey continues on, and we learn by doing. These decisions all really go hand-in-hand. I would like to take more time to connect with each of you as you purchase and wear our clothing.


Happy New Year!


Comments (1)

  • Jessica on July 27, 2017

    I enjoyed reading this! So proud of you and how thoughtful your whole creative process, business, and professionalism has come. I’ve always kept your work in mind as I enter a professional field and hope to purchase a piece or two not only to show my support but to wear something versatile—one of your main focuses. Your work has always been impressive and I’ll never forget how beautifully you designed my prom dress to just the way I imagined it. Be expecting a customer once I am stateside!

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