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Posted on 22 January 2018

Photos by JD Hudson

I realized I haven’t really introduced myself on here before. You may have seen some info in the About Dallas section, but I've been feeling lately like I haven't gone into depth about my reasoning behind this brand. So hi, I’m Dallas. I began Dallas Daws Designs as a way to become more involved in the slow fashion movement that has been building the last few years.

I received a bachelors degree in apparel design, and while I was learning to make clothing, I was also exposed to the realities many garment workers face around the world: harsh (dangerous, life-threatening) working conditions, little to no pay, all for the fast fashion industries to make a quick buck.

We went from 4 seasons to 52 seasons a year. A never-ending cycle of new clothing, lacking the quality and durability to last, partly because they weren’t meant to last anyway, not with a new style coming out next week. All the while, clothing was becoming cheaper than ever, and consumers were being conditioned to believe clothing should always be that cheap.

I looked to companies doing more: using sustainable materials, designing clothing that was bucking the trends, making the clothing in-house or making absolutely sure they knew who was making their clothing and that they were being treated well. I wanted to be part of that change. 

So, here I am. I’ve been making clothing from start to finish myself, selling it to people who would also like to be part of the shift in consumer habits. Purchasing clothing that is made to withstand trends, yet made to biodegrade in its end life. I would love to get to know all of you—to see how you wear your Dallas Daws Designs clothing. Tag me or use the hashtag #dallasdawsdesigns to get featured on Instagram and Facebook! Feel free to send me a message or comment in the comments section, as well!

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